Tech Trek Goes Virtual in 2021!

Virtual Tech Trek was held statewide this summer in June and July with a total of 594 campers, including the twelve selected by our Branch.

Congratulations to AAUW Morgan Hill’s selected campers:

  • Ashlyn Ingraham, Ava Chapman and Dzali Romero from Britton Middle School
  • Bernyce Nguyen, Ciara Looney, Isabella Lim, Linnea Barney and Sophia Ciprez Reyna from the Charter School of Morgan Hill
  • Rebecca Oxtot and Keiry Iniguez Barajas from Martin Murphy Middle School
  • Cara Wargock and Teagan Hensley from Jackson Academy of Math and Music.

What Did the Students Work On At Camp?

The morning core course was Robotics. For a final project, the campers used their  creative personal visions to design, code, and build a mechanical hat.

Click on the following image to hear the Morgan Hill students describing their robotic creations!

See the Morgan Hill campers' creations here


Special thanks to new AAUW Morgan Hill member Krisse Boursier, a recently retired high school math and computer teacher, who jumped right in and coached the Robotics component of two of the virtual camps. Krisse observed from her experience, “Once again my hope for the future has been reaffirmed after working with these remarkable young women.”

Examples of the afternoon and evening workshop topics were: Lights-Waves-Plasma, Magnify the Miniscule, and Math is on the Menu.

The daily Inspiration Hour featured professional women such as Shoko Sakai, UCLA Research Astronomer, who covered astrophysics, black holes, and red giants. Amy Pooler, head of neuroscience at Sangamo Therapeutics, discussed targeting diseases with precision gene editing. The week ended with a showcase of student projects which were presented to families and camp participants.

Check out the campers’ full schedule HERE.

Listen to the adventures of the Tech Trek campers in person at the Membership Brunch on September 19 at Villa Mira Monte.

By Joy Safakish, AAUW Morgan Hill Tech Trek Chair