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Patricia and Gene Kindred meeting penguins in Antarctica

Armchair traveler or seasoned adventurer– all are welcome to join and share members personal travel stories. Although this is a fairly new interest group, thus far we have walked the Egyptian sands with Elizabeth Mandel, attended a Northern Italian cooking school with Jenny Redfern, played with the penguins in Antarctica with Patricia Kindred, and basked in the sun of Provence while learning some valuable tips about navigating “Home Away” and other home rental sites with Lynn McCaw.

Elizabeth Mandel in Egypt

Meetings are held three times a year on a Saturday evening at 7:30 pm at the home of Marianne and Rob Knight. Members, spouses, and guests are welcome and are asked to bring a savory appetizer or sweet dessert to share. Wine or non-alcoholic beverages are appreciated too.Marianne assumes hostess duties and Rob facilitates digital and video presentations which last about 45 minutes, followed by socializing.

Contact Jenny Redfern at if you have a story to share or to RSVP.