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Leadership Programs

Nationally AAUW prioritizes identifying barriers to women in leadership and increasing the number of women in leadership roles.

Research shows:

Learn more, on AAUW’s national website, about leadership topics that affect women, such as gender bias and salary negotiation .

Locally, AAUW Morgan Hill offers several leadership development programs for our members,  for college women, and for local high school students.

Leadership Training for Local High School & College Students

National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) Scholarship

The Morgan Hill branch of AAUW typically awards a scholarship to this national conference, held annually near the end of the school year. The scholarship includes conference registration and travel expenses. If we are not able to identify a local candidate meeting our criteria, we will pass the funds on to AAUW’s national organization who will provide the scholarship to a worthy candidate.

Please complete our NCCWSL Application (Word document) or NCCWSL Application (PDF). Applications are due February 15, 2020. The AAUW Morgan Hill NCCWSL Committee will review the applications and make the final selection.

Here is the NCCWSL flyer.

2019 NCCWSL scholarship recipient:

Janet Orozco Occidental College


Speech Trek

AAUW Morgan Hill has participated for several years in this speech contest, coordinated by AAUW California. Its mission is to promote understanding and communication of gender-equity issues among high school students through their research, preparation, and presentation of high-quality speeches, while promoting the value of public speaking as a life and leadership skill. The speech contest is held annually in January.

Young Women Leaders Conference

Local High School clubs, with AAUW Morgan Hill member support, held their second one day leadership workshop on April 6, 2019 for local middle and high school students. Save the date for April 18, 2020!

Teen Leadership: Women’s Advocacy Clubs

AAUW Morgan Hill members advise the Women’s Advocacy Clubs (WAC) at Live Oak and Ann Sobrato High Schools. WAC is committed to promoting equality on campus and in the community through educating people on the power of words and defying societal expectations to empower women to reach their full potential as strong contributors to the world around them.

Leadership Morgan Hill

AAUW Morgan Hill annually sponsors a branch member to attend Leadership Morgan Hill. We believe that participation in this program is an important way to increase AAUW Morgan Hill’s connection with the community while enhancing our members’ leadership skills.

This is an intense 9 month commitment. Please contact our AAUW MH Leadership Development chair or go to the Leadership MH website to learn more.  The branch solicits member applications starting in September and Leadership MH accepts them through the fall on a rolling basis. The AAUW Morgan Hill Leadership Development Committee will review the applications and make the final selection.

2019 Leadership Morgan Hill participant sponsored by AAUW Morgan Hill: Elizabeth Mandel