2022-2023 Operating Committees

The Bylaws Committee writes and reviews policies, procedures, position descriptions and branch bylaws prior to board approval,

Bylaws Chair: Carol O’Hare
Joan Ensign
Suman Ganapathy
Judy Kinker
Barbara Palmer
Elsa Walton

Communications Appointed Positions
Calendar Susan Persing
Email Manager Monica McClintock/Darcy Foster
Technology Training Jan Conrey
Newsletter Editor Krisse Boursier
Newsletter Advertising Joanne Rooney
Publicity TBD
Social Media (local) TBD
Social Media (state & national) Rina Sutaria
Website Manager Sandy Stoob

The Community Action Grants Committee solicits and reviews applications from local non-profit organizations. It selects recipients that meet AAUW mission-based criteria.

Community Action Grants Chair: Susan Rife
Nancy Altman
Monica McClintock
Cinda Meister
Susan Persing

The Finance and Budget Committee reviews and sets the annual operating budget for the branch for board approval.

Finance/Budget Committee Chair: CFO
 Past President
 Program VPs
 Membership VPs

Interest Groups Chairs
Afternoon Books Suman Ganapathy
Arts Outings Janet McElroy
Climate Action Margaret McCann
Dining In & Out Maria Schalk
Evening Books Elizabeth Mandel
Film Buddies Betsy Ding
Friday Writers Beth Wyman
Hikers Unanimous TBD
Hole in the Heart Carol O’Hare
Mamas in the Kitchen Jeanne Gregg
Out to Lunch Bunch Sandra Lim
Pilgrims Process Jane Devine
Rowdy Outers Joanne Rife
Pilgrims Process Jane Devine
Social Justice & Diversity Patrice Lyn
Smart eGals (Apple) Joanne Rooney
Smart eGals (Android) Janet McElroy
Travel Tips Jenny Redfern
Ukuladies Joanne Rife
Wine & Whine Krisse Boursier
Writer’s Workshop Kay Arora

The Leadership Development Committee promotes branch leadership. It assists with filling vacant board positions, heads the nominating committee in filling executive board positions, and reviews applicants for scholarships to Leadership Morgan Hill.

Leadership Development Chair: Janet McElroy
Kathy Hansell
Patricia Kindred
Joan Ensign
Maggie Leininger
Pat Toombs
Peggy Martin

NCCWSL Scholarship Chairs: Marji McMillan/Cinda Meister
Danielle Davenport
Nancy Fishman
Sony Lemoff

The Local Scholarship Committees interface with local high schools and colleges regarding scholarships. they interview and select recipients. The chair verifies enrollment and request the checks. Each scholarship has a separate committee.

Local Scholarships Chair: Donna Dicker

High School Grad Scholarships Chair: Tammy Parker / Joan Sullivan
Jean Manahan
Janet McElroy
Joan Sullivan

Keeping In Touch Grants Chair: Alexandra Mandel
Donna Dicker
 Mary Cox
Tammy Parker
Vicky Reader
Joan Sullivan

Lauren Jenkins Healthcare Profession Scholarship Chair: Mary Cox
Donna Dicker
Jennifer Tate
Joan Stempel
John Jenkins
Sharon Frentner

Re-Entry / Deferred Entry Scholarships Chair: Vicky Reader
Donna Dicker
Patrice Lyn
Karen McDonald

The Membership Committee welcomes, orients, and determines the interests of new members. They assist in recommending and assigning members to branch volunteer needs. The committee also plans the Fall Membership brunch.

Membership Chairs: Kathy Hansell / Sherrie Wren
New Member Mentor Barbara Palmer
Communications Monica McClintock
Wine & Whine Krisse Boursier
Programs Yvonne Randolph

The Program Planning Committee holds an annual meeting in August to plan the branch educational programs.

Program Planning VP: Yvonne Randolph
Public Policy

The Tech Trek Committee interviews and selects eight 7th grade girls to attend a one week science camp at Stanford University in July. They also help with events that support Tech Trek, such as their “Ice Cream Social”.

Tech Trek Chair: Krisse Boursier
Joy Safakish
Donna Dicker
Elaine Reimer
Heather Poore
Janet McElroy
Jenny Redfern
Marian Sacco
Marsha Stein

The Wildflower Fund Committees manage the Morgan Hill branch’s annual fundraising and subsequent allocation of funds to our various philanthropic causes. Go to Wildflower Fund Committees for details. Committees include:

Wildflower Run Run Directors: Janet Wright / Joy Safakish
Wildflower Run Corporate Sponsors Chair: Amy Whelan
Wildflower Fund Annual Giving Campaign Coordinator: Carol O’Hare
Wildflower Fund Allocations Chair: Elizabeth Mandel