Hike Brunch Bunch Interest Group

Our Motto: Hike Hard; Play Hard!

The Hike Brunch Bunch hikes on the third Saturday morning of each month (with no December hike).

Harvey Bear County Park

Hiking guidelines:

  1. Hikes are around 4 miles in length. While we may venture to Point Lobos or Mount Tam in June or July, all the rest of the hikes are in the Morgan Hill vicinity.
  2.  Everyone is expected to bring their own water on each hike. Additionally, hikers must carry a Hikers contact information form with their name, address, emergency contact (name and phone number) and any pertinent medical information.
  3. Hikers gather between 8 am and 8:10 am in the CalTrain parking lot, in the front left (South-East) corner, departing promptly at 8:15A am.
  4. Kathy Picchi acts as the leader, and Lori Mains is the sweeper (the last person). They both carry cell phones and walkie talkies. They also use the popular “AllTrails” app to ensure all are taking the correct route.
  5. Sorry, no dogs.

To join the group:

Email  hikers@aauwmh.org.  You will be sent directions on how to  join the group.  The group is organized using the “Hike Brunch Bunch” folder on AAUW Morgan Hill’s  Google Drive and monthly emails for communication (RSVPs, etc). If Google Drive is new to you, you will be given assistance in getting started with this communication and collaboration platform.

Once you are a member of the group:

You will receive monthly emails. You will be expected to RSVP via Google Drive if you would like to join a hike. You are encouraged to add your suggestions for local hikes to this hike list; for local brunch places to this restaurant list.