Newsletter: President’s Message July/August

Dear AAUW MH Members, Welcome to a brand-new year 2022-2023! I would like to thank Marian, the board, and branch leaders, for the outstanding leadership and dedication of these

Newsletter: Sunday Gardeners

Agastache, non-native, loved by hummingbirds Gardeners are passionate about gardening and love to talk about it from growing succulents, raising tomatoes from seed or growing strawberries. Gardeners are also passionate

Newsletter: Doris Fredericks’ Travels

On Doris Fredericks’ bucket list for twenty years and in the works for the last four years was a trip to Peru and Ecuador to see some of the unique wonders

Newsletter: AAUW Fund Honorees

The AAUW Honoree program is a wonderful way for our branch to recognize outstanding members. The criteria considered for our 2022 recipients were: promoting the mission of AAUW, length of time in the branch, serving

Newsletter: Stories From The Past

On June 4, more than 100 people attended the Morgan Hill Historical Society’s premier showing of the latest film in the series, “Stories of the Past,” at the Morgan Hill Playhouse. These

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Our members and supporters were among the millions worldwide in the #WomensMarch. We have protested the unjust treatment of people of color in this country, and we have protested the unlawful and violent invasion of the Capitol. What next? Tell your elected officials to make women’s priorities and equity for all national priorities. You do not need to be an AAUW member to signup for or utilize these lobbying resources.

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  • Support equity and education for women and girls

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