Centennial Trail

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment and women’s right to vote, AAUW Morgan Hill has created a “Centennial Trail” with markers around Morgan Hill commemorating the individuals and milestones in the fight for women’s equity. While the “trail markers” have now been removed from their physical locations around Morgan Hill, images of these markers are featured below (click on any image to view or print), and we encourage all to learn more about these pioneers in the fight for equity.

Centennial Trail – Historical Markers

Browse below (click on any image) for details of historic individuals or events in the fight for women’s equity.




Questions? Contact us at CentennialTrail@aauwmh.org.

# Subject Image
1 Educate, Inspire, Engage, Vote
3 Jeannette Rankin
5 Zitkala-Sa
7 Alice Paul
9 Arguments Against Suffrage
11 Amendment Ratification
13 Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)
15 Ida B. Wells Barnett
17 Lucy Burns
19 Mary Church Terrell
21 Mabel Ping Hau Lee
# Subject Image
2 Elizabeth Cady Stanton
4 Inez Milholland
6 Frances Perkins
8 Carrie Chapman Catti
10 Susan B. Anthony
12 Frances Harper
14 Silent Sentinels
16 William Garrison, Frederick Douglass
18 Sojourner Truth
20 Frances Willard
22 Shirley Chisholm