2021-2022 Board & Advisory Positions

Elected Officers

President Marian Sacco president@aauwmh.org
President Elect Suman Ganapathy preselect@aauwmh.org
Membership VP Kathy Hansell membership@aauwmh.org
Membership VP Sherrie Wren membership@aauwmh.org
Programs Yvonne Randolph programs@aauwmh.org
AAUW Fund Peggy Martin fund@aauwmh.org
CFO Tessy Albin cfo@aauwmh.org
Secretary Pat Toombs secretary@aauwmh.org

Appointed Board Members

Bylaws Carol O’Hare bylaws@aauwmh.org
Leadership Development Janet McElroy leadership@aauwmh.org
Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF) Janet Wright laf@aauwmh.org
Newsletter Editor Krisse Boursier newsletter@aauwmh.org
Public Policy Maggie Leininger publicpolicy@aauwmh.org
Publicity Patrice Lyn publicity@aauwmh.org
Scholarships Donna Dicker scholarships@aauwmh.org
Tech Trek Joy Safakish techtrek@aauwmh.org
Wildflower Run Deb Buchanan wfr@aauwmh.org
Wildflower Run Corporate Sponsors Amy Whelan sponsors@aauwmh.org
Wildflower Fund Allocations Elizabeth Mandel allocations@aauwmh.org

Advisory Positions (Non-Voting, Non-Board)

Calendar Susan Persing calendar@aauwmh.org
Chamber of Commerce Liaison Elizabeth Mandel chamber@aauwmh.org
Community Action Grants Susan Rife grants@aauwmh.org
Email Managers Monica McClintock email@aauwmh.org
Darcy Foster email@aauwmh.org
Friendship Jill Paveza friendship@aauwmh.org
History Archivist Carol O’Hare historian@aauwmh.org
Hospitality Karen MacDonald hospitality@aauwmh.org
Margo Hinnenkamp hospitality@aauwmh.org
Elaine Reimer hospitality@aauwmh.org
Inter Branch Council Rep Marian Sacco interbranch@aauwmh.org
ISPF Rep Peggy Martin ispf@aauwmh.org
New Member Mentor Barbara Palmer mentor@aauwmh.org
Newsletter Advertising Joanne Rooney advertising@aauwmh.org
Social Media (Branch) Amina Khemici socialmedia@aauwmh.org
Social Media (State / National) Rina Sutaria socialmedia@aauwmh.org
Speech Trek Joanne Rooney speechtrek@aauwmh.org
Technology Training Jan Conrey technology@aauwmh.org
Web Manager Sandy Stoob webmanager@aauwmh.org
Young Women Leaders Mary Patterson ywl@aauwmh.org

Advisory – Annual Events (Non-Voting, Non-Board)

Candidate Forum Janet McElroy forum@aauwmh.org
4th of July Parade TBD parade@aauwmh.org
Nominating Committee TBD nominations@aauwmh.org
Officer Installation TBD installation@aauwmh.org