Civic Engagement

For over two decades, we have taken a lead in engaging Morgan Hill’s citizens in the democratic process and in taking action on AAUW’s Public Policy priorities.

1) Candidate Forums

Each election year AAUW Morgan Hill hosts one or more local candidate forums.


In April, 2022, AAUW Morgan Hill co-hosted, with Leadership Morgan Hill, a forum to introduce the District 1 supervisor candidates to the Morgan Hill electorate.

Above videos are from the 2020 AAUW Morgan Hill Candidate forum for open city council and school board seats.

2) Voter Registration Drives

Each June we hold a voter registration drive at our local high schools. We also hold voter registration drives during election years at Gavilan College.

3) Guidance on Running for Office


Run for office in Morgan Hill

Morgan Hill now has voting districts for both school board and city council, limiting who can run and whom you can vote for. Our 2-18 program demystified the campaign process, helping prospective candidates better understand roles of elected officials.

Video of AAUW’s program on civic engagement (running for office and expectations of local elected officials) created by the City of Morgan Hill.

4) Tools to Make Your Voice Heard

In August, 2017, AAUW Morgan Hill collaborated with AAUW San Jose to bring a program to the community called “Let Your Voice Be Heard”. Attendees learned about both old fashioned (postcard mailing) and newer (social media and smart phone app) techniques for identifying and effectively contacting elected officials on public policy issues of concern to women and girls. Recommended tools and techniques included:

  • Postcard Mailings – make your own postcards from 4×6 cards or buy pre-stamped postcards at the post office. Names and mailing addresses were provided. Get together with a group regularly and complete your postcards. GET NAMES AND ADDRESSES of our elected officials. GET POSTCARD

  • Facebook Town Hall – Under the “Explore” menu (on the bottom left) find “Town Hall”. it will find out who your elected representatives are and provide a link to contact them

  • Resist Bot – text RESIST to 50409 and follow their prompts to set up a fax to your senators and member of Congress

  • Daily Action – text DAILY to 228466 (A-C-T-I-O-N). This is a text-to-phone call-based communication tool that provides a summary of an issue from a progressive point of view, then allows you to directly telephone the appropriate representatives’ offices.

  • 5 Calls  – download this free phone app. Choose an issue that’s important to you and 5 Calls will do the research for each, identifying which of your representatives are most influential, collecting phone numbers for those offices, and writing scripts that clearly articulate a progressive position. You just have to call (which should take less than a minute). You can use the provided scripts or add your own words.

  • Become a Two Minute Activist – (see below). This service is provided by AAUW nationally but you do not need to be an AAUW member to participate. You will be notified when is the critical time to get involved with an issue and how to do it.


Become a Two Minute Activist

Our members and supporters were among the millions worldwide in the #WomensMarch. We have protested the unjust treatment of people of color in this country, and we have protested the unlawful and violent invasion of the Capitol. What next? Tell your elected officials to make women’s priorities and equity for all national priorities. You do not need to be an AAUW member to signup for or utilize these lobbying resources.