Branch Governance Documents

The AAUW Morgan Hill branch governance documents are managed by the Bylaws Committee.

Article I Name and Governance 1
Article II Purpose 1
Article III Use of Name 1
Article IV Membership and Dues 1
Article V AAUW Affiliates 3
Article VI Parliamentary Authority 3
Article VII AAUW-Mandates Amendments to the Bylaws 4
Article VIII Branch Membership and Dues 4
Article IX Nominations and Elections 4
Article X Officers 5
Article XI Board of Directors 5
Article XII Executive Committee 6
Article XIII Committees 6
Article XIV Financial Administration 7
Article XIV Meetings 7
Article XVI Indemnification 8
Article XVII Amendments to the Bylaws 8

Introduction 1
I Policies and Procedures Review 1
II Membership 1
III General Meetings/Programs/Events 2
IV Board of Directors, Composition 2
V Board of Directors, General Responsibilities 2
VI Board of Directors, Individual Responsibilities 3
VII Board of Directors, Meetings 3
VIII Elected Officers, Responsibilities 4
IX Appointed Officers, Responsibilities 4
X Budget 4
XI Finance 4
XII Bank Accounts 5
XIII Payment and Reimbursement 5
XIV Nominating Committee 5
XV Interest Groups 6
XVI Educational Awards 6
XVII Publications/Newsletter 7
XVIII Membership Directory/Branch Email List 7
XIX Outside Organizations 7
XX Candidate Endorsement Policies 8
XXI Branch Contributions to Campaigns 8
XXII Branch Position on Community and State Issues 9
XXIII Candidate Forum Policy 9
XXIV Election Activities of Individual Branch Members 9

Addendum 1 Timeline for Election of Officers and Online Voting
Addendum 2 AAUW Support or Co-Sponsorship of Local Events, Including Email and Newsletter Policy
Addendum 3 Use of Name Guidelines
Addendum 4 Board Voting by Email between Meetings
Addendum 5 Board Meeting Guidelines
Addendum 6 Scholarships and Grants for Women & Girls
Addendum 7 Weekly Email Guidelines
Addendum 8 Wildflower Run Fund: Fundraising, Allocations, and Donations

Job Descriptions

A. Elected Positions:

Allocations Chair 1
Bylaws Chair 2
GEMS Coordinator 3
Leadership Development Chair 4
Legal Advocacy Chair 5
Newsletter Editor 6
Public Policy Chair 7
Publicity Chair 8
Scholarship Coordinator 9
Tech Trek Coordinator 10
Wildflower Run Director 11
WFR Corporate Sponsor Chair 12

Speech Trek Coordinator8Website Manager9

Advertising 1
Community Action Grant Chair 2
Email Manager 3
Friendship Chair 4
Hospitality Chair 5
Interest Group Coordinator 6
Past President Advisor 7