Climate Education & Action Committee (CEAC)

Morgan Hill Community Earth Day Festival!

Saturday, April 22

10 am – 3 pm, Morgan Hill CCC Amphitheater

Come discover! Learn about what YOU can do locally to protect the environment through use of the latest technology in your home (heat pumps, solar, induction cook tops, …),  embracing your natural environment (fire safety, pollinators, native plans, open spaces, …), refuse-reduce-reuse, recyclle (products and city guidelines), and more. There will also be food trucks, music, and fun hands-on activities for  children.



City of Morgan Hill Silicon Valley Clean Energy
Cal Fire AAUW (American Association of University Women) – Event Organizer
Pollinator Partnership Modernair
FillerUp Shop (reduce / reuse products) Children’s Planting Area
Recology Children’s Face Painting
SCC Open Space Authority Morgan Hill Community Garden
Chevy (electric vehicle) Citizen’s Climate Lobby
Ford  (electric vehicle) Climate Reality Project
Bike Therapy Bike Therapy
Morgan Hill Unified School District Morgan Hill Community Garden
Gavilan College (Career Pathways) San Martin 4H
Induction Cooking Demonstration WERC (Wildlife & Rehabilitation Center)
SURJ (Standing up for Racial Justice)


Program is free and open to the public.

Questions? Contact Margaret at

‘‘CODE RED” That’s the warning coming from the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) Unless there are “immediate, rapid, and large-scale reductions in greenhouse gas emissions” we will not be able to keep climate warming to 1.5 degrees centigrade or less.

That means more melting ice, higher sea levels, more heatwaves and other extreme weather. What follows are greater impacts on food security, health, the environment, and sustainable development. Women and girls will see the greatest impact as they populate the areas that are most vulnerable.

While some may feel powerless with this ominous scene of the future, Morgan Hill AAUW members, having activism in their blood, feel empowered to take it on. From women’s suffrage, civil rights, pay equity and more, we don’t back away from a challenge.

Climate is a major component of AAUW Morgan Hill's Public Policy agenda, focusing on:

  • Climate Education

    • get educated on carbon and how it affects our climate
    • learn about economics, innovations, renewable energy and more
    • discover how women and girls are disproportionately affected
    • find other organizations with similar goals and what they do
  • Climate Action

    • search out other organizations with similar goals and learn from what they do
    • learn the most effective ways to get involved
    • push for legislation focused on the climate crisis

Climate News & Ideas

Your Home

Save Money With Lower Utility Bills

BayREN is working to create an energy efficient Bay Area. Learn how to create energy-efficient homes and buildings. Bay REN’s advisors will guide you through upgrades and rebates every step of the way, at no cost.

Home and Building Electrification

Our group has met recently with Debbie Mytels from We also discussed with Tanya Carothers, head of environmental services in Morgan Hill, how our committee can get involved in moving Morgan Hill closer to decarbonizing existing homes and buildings. While all new buildings are now required to be fully electric, older homes and building are not. It is these structures that continue to be the source of methane (natural gas) causing our planet to continue to warm.  The city is open to our getting involved and, thanks to Debbie Mytels from Fossil Free Buildings, we will have experienced volunteers to work with.  See Morgan Hill’s Climate Plans.

Heat Pumps

A major step in converting to all electric is replacing your gas furnace with a heat pump. Watch a youtube video on how they work. Learn how to take advantage of rebates and tax credits.

California Policy Updates

  • California has committed to selling only electric vehicles by 2035.

Plant a New Tree Every 11 Days

Imagine using your internet searches to help capture carbon. You can take action today and switch your default search engine to Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees. For every 45 searches you make, Ecosia’s team plants a tree where it’s both needed and will thrive. Your search result quality won’t change at all, but your impact will. The average person makes four searches each day. At that rate, you could be responsible for a tree being planted every 11 days.Imagine the difference that could make. Now, multiply it by the 100 people you can influence online–spread the word. Make your internet searching carbon negative by clicking here.

We are collecting and adding to a list of resources for you. These include both information on what you as an individual can do and ways you can engage with your elected officials to effect change.

The more we learn, the more we realize that there are things that can be done and how we are able to contribute. Our reality goes from ignoring the problem because it is so daunting, to one of expanding our knowledge and sharing it with others. Get involved, expand your mind, make new friends, and be part of the solution!

This is an active committee, meeting once or twice a month at a member’s home or on zoom. Meetings are all composed of an education component and an action component. Actions, such as our annual Earth Day Festival and interaction with city staff, are focused locally.  To get involved or provide resources to this AAUW Morgan Hill public policy initiative, please contact Margaret at

AAUW Climate & Education Committee Annual Earth Day Festival

Our 1st AAUW Earth Day Celebration on April 24,22 was a fantastic success. We are so grateful to all of our members who worked so diligently on the creation, promotion and production of this community event.

The variety of businesses and non-profits who participated in Earth Day 2022 made this day a fun way for all ages to learn more about caring for our endangered environment. From the beekeepers display to the electric cars and the lively activities for children, there was something to engage all attendees.

We enjoyed live song and dance by teens from our local theater group, had loads of fun giving away colorful spring flowers and other prizes, and we valued all that we learned about caring for Mother Earth from a variety of dedicated experts on the topic.

This event was a success because of the fantastic vendors, the City of Morgan Hill’s CCC staff and all the volunteers involved. Great job everyone!

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, April 22, 2023 for another amazing Earth Day festival.

Above photos by Elizabeth Mandel