Community Action Grants

AAUW Morgan Hill is committed to providing local and national support for AAUW’s mission of promoting equity for women and girls. The growing success of our annual Wildflower Run fundraiser enables our branch to expand our philanthropic activities, including awarding $8500 for Community Action Grants.

Grants for up to $1000 each are provided to local non-profit organizations requesting funding for a specific program or expense that is in alignment with AAUW’s mission.

Some examples are:

  • Broad-based education programs
  • Education programs targeted at underserved segments of the population
  • Programs specifically targeted at equity for women and girls
  • Events, programs, or projects that have a broad reach or impact
  • Programs that support individuals from the Morgan Hill community
  • Programs that charge minimal or no fees to participate.

Recipients from last year: The PA Walsh School Mini Mermaids Running Club

This year $8,500 of grant money was awarded to ten non-profit organizations.

The recipients of the 2023-2024 Community Action Grants are:

  1. A Team Homeschool Community
  2. Ann Sobrato Girls’ Field Hockey
  3. BookSmart Community Advantage
  4. Charter School
  5. Discovery Counseling Center
  6. Empower & Excel
  7. PA Walsh Girl’s Running Club
  8. Poppy Jasper Film Festival
  9. South Valley Science & Engineering Initiative
  10. Susan & Charles Berghoff Foundation

Harpreet Vittal, Grants chair

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