Annual AAUW MH Honoree Nominations

AAUW Honoree Nominations for 2024

The AAUW Honoree program is a way for our branch to recognize outstanding members who contribute to the success of our organization. They may provide great service to the branch, help promote the mission of AAUW, work hard behind the scenes, or connect AAUW to the community. Please send your nomination to the selection committee chair, Krisse Boursier, by March 1, along with your reasons this person should be recognized. Honorees will be announced at the spring lunch.

You may nominate as many members as you think deserve this award, although those who have received it within the past five years are not eligible.

2023    Krisse Boursier, Bobbie Erb, Sherrie Wren, Virginia Turner (Saratoga branch)

2022    Marian Sacco, Hospitality Team: Margo Hinnenkamp, Karen MacDonald, Elaine Reimer

2021    Chris Hopwood, Lori Mains, Barbara Palmer, Yvonne Randolph 

2020    Judy Kinker, Linnie Lee

2019    Suman Ganapathy, Peggy Martin, Elizabeth Mandel, Monica McClintock

 For a complete list of all honorees since 2004, go HERE.

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