AAUW Public Policy Updates

Abortion Justice

Although the constitutionally guaranteed right to an abortion has been systematically under attack for decades, it is currently in danger of disappearing altogether.  As AAUW National recently noted, “Every person should have the ability to make their own informed decisions regarding their reproductive life.  It is beyond time for abortion to be secured legally, funded fully, and equitably available for all who need it, when they need it, without shame or stigma.”  With the recent refusal of the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene in the onerous Texas case, it is clear that we can no longer count on the courts to protect this critical right.  Congress must pass the Women’s Health Protection Act.  Watch for Action Alerts from National, use them to keep pressure on your representatives, and sign-up now for the 2-Minute Activist if you haven’t already done so.


Legislative Updates

Three of our five most recent priority bills were passed and signed by the Governor. Click on the highlighted numbers to read the Governor’s reasons for vetoing two of the bills.

SB 62 (requires fair pay, instead of “by the piece” payment, for garment workers) SIGNED

AB 367 (free menstrual products must be provided in girls/women’s bathrooms in schools) SIGNED

AB 887 (allows domestic violence restraining orders to be filed electronically) SIGNED

AB 123 (increases paid family leave benefits to 65 – 75% of regular pay) VETOED

AB 1074 (requires hotel and janitorial workers who have lost their jobs due the pandemic to be prioritized for hiring as businesses reopen) VETOED

Economic Equity

October 21st was Latina Equal Pay Day – the day Latina women, who are paid just 57 cents to every white male’s dollar, finally catch up from the previous year.  To help raise awareness, our coalition partner Stronger California hosted a Latina Equal Pay Day & Essential Women Workers Virtual Summit.  If you are interested in learning more from iconic civil rights leader Dolores Huerta as well as California’s First Partner Jennifer Newsom, you can review the recording of the inspiring speakers at this event.

View Latina Equal Pay Day & Essential Women Workers Virtual Summit

By Kathi Harper, AAUW California Public Policy Co-Chair; edited by Jenny Redfern, AAUW Morgan Hill Public Policy

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