Update From AAUW California

For your viewing pleasure: On Tuesday, January 11, I will partner with AAUW Director Sharyn Siebert (sister of former Morgan Hill councilman Gordon Siebert) in presenting a webinar called “Finders/Keepers – Recruiting and Retaining Members”. We will share ideas from branches with double digit annual member increases, suggestions from younger, working people, and other intriguing tidbits. Register at aauw-ca.org

  • As a member of AAUW Morgan Hill since 1987, I have seen the branch work through many -mostly good – years. And that is because of the absolutely terrific members we have attracted – and kept.

Since I now have a statewide voice, I am never shy of praising what you do for the community, for AAUW, and for yourselves (in that order), and  share your fresh ideas with those who need a boost. So thank you and congratulations on your upcoming anniversary!

  • About the newly named (national) AAUW CEO, Gloria Blackwell. I have met Gloria several times, mostly at our Fall Funds Lunches or at conventions, and have always been pleased with her strength and the way she articulated her ideas. I think that the organization will be in good hands.
Register for “Finders Keepers” Webinar

By Carol Holzgrafe, AAUW California State Board of Directors

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