AAUW July 4 Team - Our Thoughts on Freedom

The 2022 theme “Let Freedom Ring” for the Morgan Hill Parade allowed us to celebrate and walk, together with the Gilroy Branch, calling out a list of Freedoms.  We had a wonderful time decorating the trailer, thank you Colleen, and red truck, thank you Daniel and Margaret!

The team selected the following as our freedoms:

  • Gender Equity
  • Expression
  • Voting
  • Assembly
  • Speech
  • Religion
  • Press
  • From Fear
  • Marriage
  • Opportunity
  • Reproductive Freedom

Our scholarship and Tech Trek winners helped us create a “red movement,” and the announcers were very excited to talk about our community service, scholarships and especially the Wildflower Run.  Thanks to all our members who helped and participated. It was a bell-ringing, star-spangled morning!

The decorating team: Caroline Rackowski, Kim Gardner, Coleen Colwell, Liz Panetta Melone, Marian Sacco, Young Woman Leader, Krisse Boursier, Karen Kensinger, Suman Ganapathy.

The parade group.

Morgan Hill and Gilroy branches with our banners and posters.

Scholarship recipients Fabiane Dutra da Silva and Cleopatra Ellis.

Along the parade route.

Freedom Posters
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