AAUW Morgan Hill Branch COVID Protocols

The AAUW Morgan Hill branch requires that all members and guests participating in an AAUW MH in-person activity be fully vaccinated. We will not be asking for proof of vaccination at member-only events (such as interest group meetings).

Vaccination is not a guarantee that you will not contract Covid and possibly pass it on to others, so we rely on each of you to continue taking precautions.

Note that, at this time, Santa Clara County still requires face coverings indoors, except when individuals are actively eating or drinking, etc. Read County Order dated August 2, 2021.

Please do not attend an AAUW event if you are unwell. Consider getting a Covid test if you are returning from travel or other gatherings where there was a probability of you being around unvaccinated adults. If you do attend an AAUW event and subsequently you or a member of  your household tests positive (and were within the incubation period at the event), please immediately notify Marian (president@aauwmh.org) so she can discretely inform others who were at the event. As we move AAUW programming indoors for the winter, this ongoing consideration for others will enable us to continue safely and comfortably with our regular programs and interest groups.

Thank you for doing your part!