Wildflower Run 2023 Recap

Packet Pickup

This year the AAUW volunteers really pulled together to make our event successful. The combined powerhouse of AAUW and the community netted approximately 200 volunteers. Many AAUW members worked more than one job, and committee chair leaders worked energetically to bring it all together. AAUW’s own Tech Trek and Young Women Leaders were spirited helpers. Community volunteers making notable contributions included members of Morgan Hill CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), as well as local students – energetic Muscle in the Morning — who brought Finish Fest to life and made clean-up a breeze.

Heather Poore

Improved safety on the course and in the parking lots was targeted this year. The crowded lots were well managed by Heather Poore and her team. Under scrutiny from the County Department of Roads, course safety was dramatically improved under the leadership of Susan Persing.

Carmen Garcia

Once again, Carmen Garcia, MHUSD Superintendent, worked the parking lot and handed out medals to place winners.  The Corporate Sponsor Committee, led by Amy Whelan, garnered more funds than in 2022, more than $32,000.  Funds raised by the Wildflower Fund Member Giving Campaign also contributed to our mission’s goals. Kudos to the stellar efforts of Elizabeth Mandel and Suman Ganapathy who promoted our run via many media outlets.

Liz Panette Malone

The course entertainment, “Roadshow,” received many accolades and was brought together by creator Liz Panetta Melone. The re-designed Kid’s Zone, led by Linda and Amy Martinez at the Finish Fest was a youth favorite. Another first was the inclusion of local elementary and middle school teams, a clever idea from Lori Mains that we anticipate expanding for 2024.

The community and AAUW members alike have the satisfaction of knowing that Wildflower Run proceeds will be used to help fund local scholarships, Tech Trek, community action grants, and leadership programs for women and girls.

Mark your calendar: The date for the next WFR is March 24, 2024.

Joy Safakish and Janet Wright, Wildflower Run Co-Directors

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