New Member Meet-Up

Annual Meet-Up Event Welcomes New Branch Members

The annual New Member Meet-Up on August 3 was hosted by the Leadership Development Team (LDT) and Membership Committee in the Guild Mortgage conference room. 
The purpose was to get acquainted with new members, share information about the branch, and encourage participation in branch events, volunteer activities, and interest groups. 

This popular and fun gathering attracted 19 new members and two prospective members, plus nine host members. The room was decorated with the AAUW banner, 4th of July parade placards, suffrage signs, and the trifold display board. The enthusiastic group enjoyed delicious appetizers and desserts, wine and soft drinks.

To get started, Krisse Boursier, President Elect, asked everyone to name a famous person they had met:

Would you believe Elvis, Clint Eastwood, Mother Teresa or Barack Obama?

Suman Ganapathy, branch President, gave an overview of AAUW; Barbara Palmer, Membership VP, reviewed the calendar of events; Marian Sacco, LDT chair and past president, shared AAUW acronyms; Jan Conrey, Interest Group Coordinator, reviewed the many groups available; Monica McClintock, email manager, outlined the various branch communication channels. The participants expressed their appreciation for the evening and all the work that went into organizing it.

Please help our new members feel comfortable and welcome them as part of our branch.

Remember—we were all new members once!

Back row, left to right: Flo Djoe, Kathy Picchi, Anita Whitling, Karen George, Corina Sapien, Vicki Flagg, Sue Olt, Sharon Parodi, Sheila Dunwoodie, Lisa Rick, Marie Lamb, Laura Whitaker
Front row, left to right: Susan Gabbard, Jill Irwin, Cynthia Iwanaga, Michelle Stiefel, Carol Ferri.


Barbara Palmer, Membership VP

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