Birds, Bees and Butterflies

AAUW 4th Tuesday Monthly Programs at the Morgan Hill Library at 7pm

Welcome to Morgan Hill, Your Pollinator Haven – Tuesday, November 28

Climate change is a major threat to pollinators. Rising temperatures and increasing frequency and intensity of extreme weather events affect their food sources and habitats, essential conditions on which pollinators depend for survival. link

Presented by the Climate Education and Action Committee (CEAC), this program will highlight their peril and how we can create a safe habitat for our friends, the pollinators, right in our own backyard or patio. Not only will that help keep the pollinators fed, but they will return the favor. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), three-quarters of all crops around the world depend on pollinating insects. 

Learn from the experts how to create a ‘Pollinator Haven’ right here in Morgan Hill and our surrounding communities.

Nancy Altman and Doris Fredericks, Programs Co -VPs

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