Interest Group Spotlight: Afternoon Books

We are a small, articulate, and spirited group with a shared love for reading, reflection, and analysis, and meet on the fourth Monday afternoons.

Our small attendance from the start over 20 years ago (6-12 members) allows everyone to contribute and be heard, and delve deep into themes and ideas. Riveting, open-ended, and honest discussions are our hallmark, with a monthly presenter to guide us along.

Whether from non-fiction or fiction, dense tomes or light novels, we learn from every book we read, and each member’s viewpoint.  Deliberating over a book that enthralled is a joy, but discovering unexpected appreciation from differing perspectives or books that didn’t resonate, is pure serendipity.

Delighted to be back in-person after months of Zoom meetings, monthly wine and refreshments, and a fun holiday party-book exchange-potluck in December magnify our fun.

Every June, we vote from each member’s book recommendations for our July-May year selections and determine monthly presenters and snack providers. Book selections are available at BookSmart bookstore with a 10% discount when you mention Afternoon Books.

We welcome new members and are adaptable and welcoming. If we grow larger, we will tweak, refine and burnish our operations to be inclusive.

List of Books for 2021-2022

By Suman Ganapathy, Afternoon Books Chair

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