Climate Education & Action

The Climate Education and Action Committee (CEAC), led by Margaret McCann, has been very busy getting a low carbon emission launch into community action, in addition to the weekly blasts for our members.

The Gloom and Doom is real

Climate change is no longer a hypothesis and it is impacting us now.  Wildfires in January along the coast?  I never would have imagined it a few years ago.  Over 2,000 giant sequoia trees with trunk diameters of four or more feet were killed or “mortally injured” (expected to die) last summer during the KNP Complex fire; many of these trees had survived over 2,000 years until now.  The drought continues and we’ve had only a few rains since Fall and no rain in January, the driest January on record.  Plastics fill our oceans and biodiversity is decreasing at an increasing rate.  Action is needed before we reach a point of no return.

The Bright Side

We can all take action in small and large ways to help reduce our negative impact on our world.  Everyone can help, but it’s a matter of education and action.  There are links in our weekly newsletter that offer easy ways to make a difference.  We can all reduce water use and waste, reduce our use of single use plastic containers and make choices that are pro-earth.  One of the CEAC’s goals is to partner with Morgan Hill Unified School District to work directly with students, who will be left with whatever mess we leave behind, to help improve the outcomes for all.

On Deck

On April 24, the CEAC is hosting an Earth Day Festival at the Community Cultural Center’s Amphitheater.  There will be numerous informational booths, activities for children, and speakers, all working towards addressing climate change and loving our earth.  See you there!

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