AAUW MH Endowments

AAUW Morgan Hill has established and completed two AAUW Fund endowments

The $100,000 Irene Blaine/Barbara Cate American Fellowship Endowment was established in 1991 in honor of the branch’s ten year anniversary; it was completed in 2001. The recipient this year is Marina Segatti, who is working toward her PhD at UC Santa Cruz in the field of gender studies. Her doctoral research is “centered on exploring the strategies employed by Brazilian LGBTIQA+ politicians and activists through social media platforms as they respond to the challenges . . . within the context of prevailing authoritarianism.”

The $75,000 Wildflower Run Research and Projects Grants endowment was started in 2014 and completed in five years. This year it was awarded to Julia Best, who is working toward a Master’s degree in marriage and family counseling at Dominican University in San Rafael. She hopes to “support women through crisis intervention and group therapy, as well as early intervention through art therapy with girls in school settings.”

Out of more than 300 fellows and grant recipients, 34 are studying in California this year. You can view short videos about themselves and their work HERE. To learn more about the AAUW Fund Fellowships and Grants program and how to apply, click HERE. Deadline for 2024-2025 applications is November 15, 2024.

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