2018-2019 Wildflower Fund Committees

The Wildflower Run Committee is responsible for all aspects of the planning and execution of the annual Wildflower Run. The committee also includes representatives from the Corporate Sponsor Committee and the Annual Giving Campaign (member donations).

Wildflower Run Committee Run CoDirectors: Pat Toombs & Deb Buchanan-Pliasance
Contracts Joanne Rooney
Corporate Sponsors Barbara Palmer
Course Susan Persing
Entertainment Elizabeth Mandel
Facebook Robin Bean
Finance Peggy Martin
Finish Fest Joan Sullivan & Tracy Valentine
Flyer Distribution Monica McClintock
Goodie Bags (5K, 10K, Sr. 2K) Doris Fredricks
Goodie Bags (Kids’ 2K) Donna Dicker
Graphics Elizabeth Mandel
Greeters Carol Holzgrafe
Hospitality – Pre-Run Karen MacDonald
In-Kind Sponsors/Prizes Janet Wright
Kids’ 2K Suman Ganapathy
Lunch Host Margaret McCann
MC Barbara Palmer
Medals Marion Sacco
Meeting Host Margaret McCann
Member Donations (Annual Giving Campaign) Carol O’Hare
Muscle in the Morning Vicky Reader
Online Registration Setup Lori Mains
Parking Lot Management Mary Cox
Photography Susan Brazelton
Post-Run Lunch Margaret McCann
Publicity Elizabeth Mandel
Registration Wendy Bell & Sandy Stoob
Senior 2K Suman Ganapathy
Snacks for Runners Karen MacDonald
Sound System Elizabeth Mandel (Peter Mandel)
T-Shirts Maggie Leininger
Timing Liaison (5K, 10K) Pat Toombs (SVE)
Timing Results (2Ks) Katie Scanlon
Twitter Emily Shem-Tov
Volunteer Coordinator Janet McElroy
Youth Volunteers Susan Oldham-Fritts
Water for Runners at Finish Margaret McCann (SCVWD)
Water Stops Tessy Albin
WFR Website – Content Pat Toombs & Deb Buchanan-Pliance
WFR Website – Design Elizabeth Mandel

The Wildflower Run Corporate Sponsor Committee solicits local corporate sponsors as part of our annual fundraising.

Corporate Sponsor Committee Chair: Barbara Palmer
Mary Cox
Joan Ensign
Stacy Forgy
Katie Khera
Linnie Lee
Margaret McCann
Gretchen Merrick
Marianne Thornton
Amy Whelan
Janet Wright
**WFR Director
**ISPF Liaison
**AAUW Fund VP
(**=Adjunct committee members)


The Annual Giving Campaign Committee coordinates our annual branch member fundraising drive in coordination with the timing of the Wildflower Run.

Annual Giving Campaign Committee
Coordinator Carol O’Hare
 Newsletter Articles Tammy Parker
 Correspondence/Thank Yous Lee Hagen


The Wildflower Fund Allocations Committee annually reviews and recommends disbursement of the Wildflower Fund, including Wildflower Run runner registrations, business sponsorships, and individual donations. Committee membership consists of those requesting funds plus our business sponsor chair. (** below indicates advisory role.)

Allocations Committee Chair: Elizabeth Mandel
AAUW Fund Janet Wright
Annual Giving Campaign Carol O’Hare
Community Action Grants Susan Rife
Corporate Sponsors Barbara Palmer
GEMS Susan Oldham-Fritts
Leadership Janet McElroy
** NCCWSL Marji McMillan/Cinda Meister
Local Scholarships Donna Dicker
    ** High Schools Margaret McCann
    ** Re-Entry Kathy Hansell
    ** KIT Grants Katie Howard
    ** LJ Healthcare John Jenkins
Speech Trek Joanne Rooney
Tech Trek Joy Safakish
** WFR Director Pat Toombs
** President Peggy Martin
** CFO Katie Scanlon