Tech Trek Update

Morgan Hill campers at the Ice Cream Social

Tech Trek Ice Cream Social: Connecting Parents and Girls for a STEM Adventure

There was an air of excitement as girls and parents gathered at the AAUW San Jose Headquarters for the annual Tech Trek Ice Cream Social, an event designed to foster connections and provide information about the upcoming Tech Trek camps. Organized by the seven branches of the AAUW Santa Clara Interbranch Council (IBC), with Suman Ganapathy as chair, the event started with fun science songs, colorful balloons, ice cream and conversation. Marie Wolbach, the founder of Tech Trek in 1998, participated, much to everyone’s delight.

This was followed by a Zoom session for parents with camp directors, Carol Holzgrafe, and other organizers, who shared details about Tech Trek, emphasizing the hands-on approach to learning and the variety of activities designed to ignite the girls’ passion for STEM. The purpose was to reassure parents about sending their daughters off to camp.

Meanwhile, the girls were immersed in an interactive physics lesson where they explored the principles of energy through the creation of “Snowball Launchers.” Led by Krisse Boursier, with help from Monica McClintock, Marian Sacco, and members of other AAUW branches, the girls built their own launchers out of popsicle sticks and rubber bands. They tested them, launching marshmallow “snowballs,” discovering the thrill of applying scientific concepts to real-world situations. Laughter and camaraderie filled the air as they engaged in friendly competitions.

As they left the event, each of our Morgan Hill campers was given a Tech Trek teddy bear, as a memento of this special summer.

Integrated Physics Lesson: Snowball Launchers

Tech Trek Teddy

Krisse Boursier, Tech Trek Coordinator

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