Smart eGals

2022 at Jan Conrey’s home
Top left to right: Karen Parks, Pat Toombs, Jan Conrey
Middle: Donna Dicker, Joan Ensign Chair Bottom: Patricia Kindred
Missing members:Bobbie Erb, Karen Kinsinger, Karen MacDonald, Pat Egan

Smart eGals began when a group of us decided that we needed a special time and place to just talk about our phones and how to use them. Our husbands were impatient and our kids talked too fast! That was October 2013 and we are still going strong.

At first we were a combo group of Apple and Android users meeting at Bubbles, but soon decided that we needed a more private, quiet place. It also became very confusing working with both systems together, so we broke up into two groups, and as the Android group got smaller and smaller it dissolved, and now there is just one group for the Apple iPhone that meets in members’ homes. Jan Conrey has been our gracious hostess for many years – even when her house burned down she continued to host us in her rental house! We are forever thankful to Jan.

Our format is simple. We chat for a short time, and then it is down to business. We share tips or discuss any problems we may be having while partaking in wine and snacks. We always welcome new members to our group – it keeps us energized.

We meet the 2nd Tuesday every month from 5:30-7:00 at Jan Conrey’s home. A reminder is in the Sunday weekly blast.

If you have any questions and/or would like to join us, contact Joan Ensign at

2013 at Bubbles
Top left to right:
Joan Ensign Chair, Wendy Bell, Lauren Jenkins, Karen Parks, Barbara Palmer, Jeanne Gregg, Susan Hines
Lower: Jeanette Riley, Patricia Kindred

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