Pilgrim's Process

Pilgrims Elsa Walton, Janet Mathis, Susan Brazelton, Jane Devine, Ajahn Chandako, and Carol O’Hare. Other members of the group include Katherine Canning, Margaret McCann, Margo Hinnenkamp, Joan Stempel and Krisse Boursier

The Pilgrim’s Process group meets twice a month at a member’s home to meditate and discuss helpful techniques and books. Meditation is the practice of developing mindful awareness and focusing attention on the present moment with the goal of calming the mind, enhancing a feeling of well being, and inner peace.

Our group begins with a brief check-in, sharing tips and tools that are useful in our practice. We then read and discuss sections from one of the texts we’re studying. We have read books by several recognized meditation teachers, including Gil Fronsdal and Pema Chodron. We are currently exploring ‘The Art and Skill of Buddhist Meditation’ by Richard Shankman.

The reading is followed by a 20 to 30 minute period of sitting meditation. We may focus on our breath, physical sensations or sounds. We close with reciting a version of the metta (loving kindness) meditation: “May all be filled with loving kindness; may all be well; may all be peaceful and at ease; and may all be happy.”

We have also been privileged to host Carol O’Hare’s son, Ajahn Chandako, who is a Buddhist monk, when he is in California. Some years we organize meditation workshops with him, so he can share his teachings with others.

The group size is currently limited. Contact is Jane Devine.

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