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In December I began a memorable trip to South America given to me by my family to celebrate my 70th birthday. It required stamina, a bit of Spanish, and a warm, waterproof coat. I was joined by my son, daughter-in-law, and her mother. We went from Lima, Peru, at sea level, to Cusco at 11,000 ft. That was the beginning of five incredible days of touring, hiking, climbing lots of steps, and learning about the Inca Empire. After three days on the Inca Trail (staying in rooms, not camping!), we arrived at the “Sun Gate” above Machu Pichu, the ancient Inca city, a quiet and almost ghostly place. 

After returning to Lima, we then embarked on a 30-day adventure, cruising south into the Antarctic Peninsula, through Drake’s Passage, then up the eastern side of South America to Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil.

Summer in Chile and Patagonia quickly turned into rough seas as we entered Drake’s Passage at the tip of South America on our way to see the wonders of Earth’s most southern continent. Over three days we viewed wildlife–and lots of ice –and had presentations on the work of the international research stations located there.

Next came a visit to the British Falkland Islands with penguins galore and a history of a long ago dispute between Argentina and Great Britain. This rugged place is hoping to keep endangered wildlife, especially birds, from extinction due to the changing climate. 

We even met a Morgan Hill couple (Arlene Greenberg and husband) on the cruise! 

Once the cruise was over, we made a side trip the huge Iguazu Falls on the border with Brazil. This UNESCO World Heritage site was a fitting end to my adventure.

They say that travel will open our eyes to a wonderful world, and that is so true, but after 45 days I was very glad to be back in our wonderful town, quietly reading The Wager: A Tale of Shipwreck, Mutiny and Murder by David Grann!

Marian Sacco

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