Lobby Days 2024

AAUW CA Lobby Days 2024

Public Policy chair Susan Rife, branch president Suman Ganapathy, president-elect Krisse Boursier, and president-elect-elect Harpreet Vittal spent two days in Sacramento in early April for AAUW CA Lobby Days 2024, meeting with Assemblymember Gail Pellerin (District 28) to outline AAUW California’s three signature bills: AB 2843, which prohibits insurers from charging rape and sexual assault survivors for medical services related to their assault; AB 2099, which would protect patients and providers at reproductive health centers with updated penalties for harassment and violation of patients privacy; and AB 2326, which requires state community colleges, colleges and universities to provide annual reports on Title IX compliance. They also met with State Senator Angelique Ashby (District 8), and branch member Joanne Rife joined a San Jose AAUW Zoom meeting with State Sen. Dave Cortese (District 15).

While our representatives indicated support for the bills, branch members are encouraged to write or call Assemblymember Pellerin (contact info at https://a28.asmdc.org/contact) and State Senator Cortese (contact info at https://sd15.senate.ca.gov/contact) to voice their support of these signature bills as well.

The texts of these bills, as well as other AAUW-supported legislation, can be found under the Public Policy tab at www.aauw-ca.org.

Susan Rife, Public Policy chair

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