Climate Education & Action

Climate Education and Action for Educated Women

As the new year begins, a time to look forward to a better future, women are increasingly endangered by the world around them. I not speaking of women in third world, war infested nations, but right here in America. This is 2022, more than 45 years since pollution was linked to oil and coal industries, and yet “coal” won over the climate and child welfare. And what about a woman’s right to choose? Who would have thought that laws that protected women’s choice for nearly 50 years could be in peril.

We cannot sit back and let this happen. We are 160+ educated women who have joined an organization with the mission “To advance gender equity for women and girls through research, education and equity,” not to let it slip away without a fight.

This is a Call to Action!

The Climate Education and Action Committee (CEAC) is inviting you to get involved in the greatest threat women and girls are facing, “climate change”.

Based on studies from prestigious organizations, women are 80% more likely to be affected by climate controlled displacement than men, and stillbirths, miscarriages and preterm birthrates can be traced to the climate.

CEAC’s purpose is to get educated and take action on:

  • carbon and how it affects our climate
  • the economics, new innovations, renewable energy and more
  • how women and girls are disproportionately affected
  • search out other organizations with similar goals to learn what works for them and what they have accomplished.
  • learn the most effective ways to get involved
  • push for legislation focused on lowering carbon
  • discover reading material and videos
  • keep up on the latest news

 CEAC will provide updates at our website: and twice a month via the email Weekly Blast

There are only two choices:
Sit back and hope someone else will fix the problem, or
get involved, expand our minds, make new friends and be part of the solution.

By Margaret McCann, Climate Action and Education Chair

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