Climate Education & Action Update

The CEA Committee’s main focus is to support the City of Morgan Hill in accomplishing their Climate Action Plan (CAP) in the area of converting homes fueled by natural gas to all electric. These gases not only add to the methane emissions in our environment, they also put our families’ health at risk. In homes that use gas powered appliances, children are 42 percent more at risk for developing asthma compared to homes with electric stoves.

Meet AAUW MH’s new member Maddy Kangas, our environmental science expert. Maddy serves as a Monarch Butterfly Conservation Planner and NRCS Partner Biologist for the Central Coast of California, providing technical assistance on Monarch conservation and habitat creation for producers, landowners, and land managers. Maddy completed her master’s degree in natural resources and environmental sciences at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, where she researched both native bee community composition and pest insect presence within agriculturally based pollinator habitat restorations. Thrilled to have you on our team, Maddy!

Federal Income Tax Credits and Other Incentives for Energy Efficiency

Check dates and details, some rebate programs change in January 2023.

 Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE)

If you are thinking of going electric, 2023 is the time.

Events in 2023

Tuesday, February 28th
AAUW monthly program,
open to the public

NBCs Climate in Crisis Series
with Kari Hall, Meteorologist

Kari Hall joined NBC Bay Area
in May 2015 as meteorologist
for NBC Bay Area’s morning
newscast ‘Today in The Bay.’
Follow Kari at

Saturday, April 22nd
Community Earth Day Festival
at the Morgan Hill Community and Cultural Center
Displays, demonstrations, entertainment, and lots of activities for the family.
Earth Day 2022 Photos

Contact CEAC at for more information.

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