After reading White Fragility AAUW Morgan Hill Evening Books group members indicated a desire to establish a new interest group focused on social justice and diversity.

A meeting to discuss the group’s goals, ambitions, and structure will be held on Saturday, June 5, at 2 p.m., outdoors on the patio of Joanne and Susan Rife’s home.

Topics will be how to make inroads on such a wide and divisive subject:  Should the group 1) aim toward action, and what actions are appropriate, doable and effective; 2) put its emphasis on study and awareness; or 3) act as a conduit of information regarding other active groups in the Santa Clara County?

Or all three. Or all three and others.

Please let Joanne know if you can come, at Also, if you cannot attend but are interested in the subject and want to be included in the contact list for this new interest group, please tell Joanne.