Donation From Edward Boss Prado Foundation

At AAUW Morgan Hill’s September 11 Fall Luncheon, Cecelia Ponzini, branch member and CEO of the Edward-Boss-Prado-Foundation (EBPF) presented $10,000 to our local scholarships program – the first of an annual EBPF donation to provide students in need with financial resources to get an education, in synchronicity with the combined AAUW & EBPF missions of empowerment, dignity, gender equity & economic security.

Two particular scholarships that spoke to Cecelia Ponzini in EBPF’s decision to donate to AAUW Morgan Hill were:

  • “Re-Entry and Deferred Entry” scholarships, given to students with financial need who are returning to school after a break in their education. Often these are women who are juggling jobs and children with their return to school. These scholarships are also awarded to student at the Morgan Hill Community Adult School as they completed a delayed high school graduation and continue on to college.
  • “Keeping In Touch Grants”.  AAUW Morgan Hill is committed to not just starting students on their road to higher education but seeing them continue through to college graduation. All students who have received any of our variety of scholarships from AAUW MH in the past are eligible to apply each year for a follow-up grant, through to completion of their undergraduate degrees. In 2022-2023 we will have a record 40 past scholarship recipients eligible to apply for these grants.

For more information about AAUW Morgan Hill’s scholarship opportunities, go to LOCAL SCHOLARSHIPS on our website or contact Scholarship Chair Stacey Moeder at

Thank you to the Edward Boss Prado Foundation!

Cecelia Ponzini presents check to AAUW’s Suman Ganapathy and Peggy Martin