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Tuesday, October 23: Human Microbiome Project

Photo courtesy of Dr. Embriette Hyde at http://www.drhydenotjekyll.com/about-me/

American Association of University Women Presents “The Human Microbiome Project” by Dr. Embriette Hyde.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018, 7 pm
Morgan Hill Library, 660 W. Main Ave.

Dr. Embriette Hyde, Science Writer & Lecturer, will explain what the human microbiome is and why it is important to health.
Focused research on this topic has increased over the past 15 years with much reporting, analysis and opinion in the media on how the microbiome relates to gut bacteria and may influence our brain, immune system and vice versa. Dr. Hyde’s presentation will clarify some of the issues and also discuss the influence of diet on our microbiome.
For more information see the Human Biome Project

Tuesday, November 27: Santa Clara University Resident Costume Designer Barbara Murray

Photo courtesy of Barbara Murray at https://www.scu.edu/theatre/faculty–staff/barbara-murray/

American Association of University Women Presents a talk by Barbara Murray, resident costumer designer at Santa Clara University

Tuesday, November 27, 2018, 7 pm
Morgan Hill Library, 660 W. Main Ave.

Barbara Murray will make a presentation on her work as Resident Costume Designer in the Department of Theater and Dance at Santa Clara University where she designs or supervises student designers for Department productions.