Wildflower Run 2025 - Planning Ahead

The Wildflower Run Directors are looking for a few committed members to fill crucial chair positions. Whether working the day of the Run, March 30, 2025, or behind the scenes prior to Run day, there is a strong core of AAUW volunteers to support you. You can rely on training from the previous chairperson, and job descriptions are available online. Indeed, many chairs start out as co-chairs and train alongside an experienced member. 

We are proud to be an all-volunteer event. The time required for each chair position varies and most teams consist of one or more committee members, of whom 95% are returning from the 2024 WFR.

These open chair positions are:

Roadshow Entertainment Co-Chair. Recruit entertainment groups to perform along the Run course. Many will return from previous years. Host an information table at the Finish Fest. You will work with a co-chair who was on the committee last year.

Finish Fest Co-Chair. One of the most exciting places at our event with a positive, high-energy vibe.  Needed is a co-chair who will help organize the sponsor and AAUW booths and will work closely with the current chair.

Parking Chair. Manages traffic in front of the school and inside the parking lot areas to ensure safety and efficiency. Many of the team members are returning and are very experienced in their roles.

Sponsors In-Kind. The chair organizes committee members to contact local businesses and solicit gift card donations or prizes, which are awarded to the top finishers. 

Marketing. Help is needed in bulk emails, video and photo management, and community outreach.

Wildflower Run Co-Director. Oversees all the WFR committees and various other duties.

This is a valuable investment of your time. The WFR is our only fundraiser of the year and supports all that we stand for from scholarships to leadership programs and community grants, all to promote gender equity for women. You will meet so many inspiring leaders and have a wonderful time in the process.

For more information, contact

Joy Safakish or Bobbie Erb, Run Directors

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