2024 Wildflower Fund Giving Campaign

The generosity of AAUW Morgan Hill branch members and friends met the Wildflower Fund goal of $20,000. Total Fund donations amounted to $20,124!

The Wildflower Fund campaign began in December 2023 and ended in April this year after the Run. We encouraged all members (except our very newest ones) to donate to the Wildflower Fund in addition to the assistance they provide to the Wildflower Run. 

Our membership currently stands at 194. 

  • 95 members contributed $19,114.
  • Non-members contributed $1,010 to make the total of $20,124.
  • 10 members were sponsors and are counted in the Sponsor donations.
  • 11 new members were not asked to donate, although a few did.
  • 78 members did not contribute.

The Wildflower Fund is a separate – but important – component of the AAUW-MH annual Wildflower Run fundraiser. It contributes a significant amount to supporting all the branch’s programs at the local, state, and national level.

Thank you to all who helped to make the 2024 Campaign a success.

Janet Wright, Wildflower Fund Committee, Chair Member Donations

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