Bylaws/Governance Year-End Report for 2023-2024

The Bylaws/Governance Committee had a productive year:

Bylaws Amendments

  • Articles I-VII Mandated by national January 2024 
  • Article X Term limits for elected and appointed officers April 2024

Policies and Procedures Revisions

  • Articles I-VII January 2024
  • Articles VIII-XIV March 2024

Addenda Updates

  • Addendum 1 Timeline for Election of Officers November 2023
  • Addendum 2 AAUW Support or Co-Sponsorship May 2024
  • Addendum 5 Board Meeting Guidelines September 2023
  • Addendum 6A Scholarships for Women and Girls October 2023
  • Addendum 6B Named Scholarships October 2023

Organized January 2024 mid-year retreat to discuss term limits for officers and board composition

All updated Governance documents uploaded to branch website and Google Drive

Added Krisse Boursier and Harpreet Vittal to the committee

Bid farewell to Barbara Palmer, one of the original Bylaws Babes, who is leaving the committee after serving for 22 years, with thanks for all the wine and popcorn!

Work Plan for 2024-2025

Review and update Policies & Procedures Articles XV-XXIV

Review, update, and reorganize Job Descriptions:

  • Move program, membership, AAUW Fund from elected positions to appointed
  • Move scholarship coordinator, Tech Trek, WFR sponsor positions from appointed to advisory

Revise and update P&Ps, addenda and job descriptions as needed!

Carol O’Hare, Chair

Committee Members: Joan Ensign, Barbara Palmer, Suman Ganapathy, Elsa Walton, Sherrie Wren, Krisse Boursier, Harpreet Vittal

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