2020 Virtual Local Candidate Forum

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2020 Virtual Local Candidate Forum

2020 Virtual Candidate Forum, Presented by AAUW Morgan Hill
Wednesday, October 14

7:00 School Board Trustee Area 5
7:45 City Council District C
8:35 City Council District A

Since 2006, AAUW Morgan Hill has hosted a public forum for candidates seeking election to the City Council and Board of Education. This year, the forum will feature candidates running in the 3 competitive races described below.


District A City Council
Larry Carr https://www.larrycarrformorganhill.com
Julie Raia https://www.voteforjuliedraia.com
Gino Borgioli  https://voteginoborgioli2020.com

District C City Council
Rene Spring  https://springforcouncil.org
Juan Miguel Munoz-Morri  https://jmformorganhill.com

Morgan Hill Unified School District, Trustee Area 5
Pam Torrisi  http://www.PamForMHUSD.org
Ivan Rosales Montes  https://www.ivanrosalesmontes.com

To find your city council district or school district trustee area:

Forum Structure: Candidates for each office in each area will be asked the same questions but will not be able to hear their opponent’s response. (NOTE: Candidates for City Council for Districts A and C will be asked different questions.)

There will be 5 questions asked of each group of candidates. Candidates will also be asked for opening and closing statements.